Gunbot Permanent Crypto Trading Tournament

Unprecedented! Gunbot Monthly Crypto Trading Tournament

Gunbot Permanent Crypto Trading Tournament

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Never seen before in Crypto Trading bots History! Gunbot Perpetual Tournament where you can Win USDT and Gunthy Prizes Every Month.

Gunthy LTD cordially invites you to join our monthly community competition with bounty prizes of up to 10K in USDT and 50K in Gunthy Token shared with the best traders, Take Advantage of this never seen opportunity Now!

You may have heard of mayor cryptocurrency exchanges holding similar tournaments, but we are talking about Our Very Own Gunbot Community Tournament. How is that possible you may ask?

Gunbot creates huge volume for these exchanges and they love it! So they give us back rebates and our community leader Gunthar, gives back Gunbot’s rebates to the participants, he decided this way because 10K for the whole community would be almost nothing for each, but shared with 10 winners is a great choice.

We Profit from our Trades and get Rewarded for Trading! Only at Gunbot

What do you need to do to be a part of this Crypto Trading Tournament?

1- You have to be a Gunbot Owner, otherwise, just Get your Gunbot License Now

2- You need a Binance and/or BitMex account (DO NOT SIGN UNDER ANY REFERRAL LINK)

3-Set these 2 parameters in the GUI or thru your config file



gunbot tournament op-in

After that just go to our Elite Room on Telegram and let’s talk about it!

Please Note: Your trades must be executed using Gunbot to qualify for the Tournament. Any manual trade you execute using their web interface will not count as valid for the Tournament. If you want to perform manual trades please use the Gunbot GUI.

Here is the link to the Gunbot Permanent Crypto Trading Tournament Board where you can see your performance.

Are you Ready to Become Gunbot’s Best Trader? Be the Top Trader of the Leading crypto trading bot in the industry!

Some of our Top Traders Testimonials from past Tournaments:

testimonialsFrom our Member Treddi

Hi All. Lessons learned from this tournament.

Bot 1– Let the bot do the job do not manual DCA did earn $2220 on a 10K investment.

Bot 2– I made a lot of changes along the way. some days it did not run. I did a few manual closing due to manual over DCAs and panicking and selling has brought down all the profit in one trade to negative -650. So do not touch the bot.

Bot 3– Using it for strategy testing. For a few days did not trade and a lot of manual intervention trades.

All 3 bots were running the same strategies but different results. Total profit from 3 bots is $3220.188 as you see the screen dumps in 14 days.

The total investment of 25K (10+7+8). All these were managed by ARS.

It was a pleasure working and sharing ideas with you all. Above all, I am convinced that you can make a living by trading with Gunbot and ARS. Thanks to Gunthar, Pim. TrashDog and GB Dev Team, BestNaf, Q, Jules, Raymondo, and every GunBot user.

Gunbot Permanent Crypto Trading Tournament

testimonialsFrom Murtis Macho Unit

So here are my results.

I started the tournament with a wallet balance of $257, and this morning that balance is $571. I signed up but didn’t really participate for a couple of days, hence the low volume to start.

I then ran a pure SupRes strat, 125X, 500 TL, and 4000 ROE (closes at S/R), and lots of DCA to bail out bad situations… Much thanks to Pim, as I based my AC file off of his work.

I really have to say I’m disappointed to only finish 20th with this result (over doubling my wallet balance). Oh well, on to the next one I suppose.

My total investment was about $100k, so total proof that you can leverage up with a small account balance and have success.

Trade with THEIR money.

My “Screwed up trade” of -21 was a fat finger to due with a deleveraging setting I changed. Otherwise not a single lost trade after switching on SupRes

My plan was to work on and only invest time on non-MM strategies as I won’t have access outside of the tournaments.

SupRes is some sweet, sweet… Happy to share my strategy and settings etc., but don’t please ring my phone on the weekend or blame me… again thanks to @boekenbox for the AC, results would not have been what they are without his work on that file.

Thanks to all of you, a solid group of smart people here. I know we have lots of success coming our way!

Gunbot Permanent Crypto Trading Tournament

testimonialsFrom M. G.

My reward is 9$ from the tournament. I got free access to MM. I made a few $$ on trading. I am a simple man. I am happy.

Thanks, Gun!

Gunbot Permanent Crypto Trading Tournament

testimonialsFrom @hitthefan

Thanks for the time and efforts Gunthar…and, of course, all participants and developers that helped me get this high ranking

A Big THANKS From Gunthy LTD to ALL of Gunbot Permanent Crypto Trading Tournament Participants and an Invitation to the Rest of our Community to participate every month.

Note: Let us Know about your Experience, Reach Out in our telegram channels or comment below if you want your story added!

And Join the Gunbot Permanent Crypto Trading Tournament

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