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Author Topic: [EDU] List of Official Gunbot Resellers  (Read 13144 times)

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[EDU] List of Official Gunbot Resellers
« on: September 08, 2017, 10:00:36 AM »
Authorized resellers
This thread will serve as the main list of all verified Gunbot resellers. This will help both new and existing Gunbot customers with their endeavors. This thread does not serve as a place where you can apply to become a reseller. In order to do that, you should contact Gunthar. In order to buy Gunbot you should contact a reseller directly. There are no more discount codes.

Gunthy Username
Telegram Username
Thread/Website (et. al.)
|3KyNoX|@eKyNoX||French, English|Various support/assistance.|
|Aitor|@AitorRuiz| / /|Espaņol, English, Portuguese, Vietnamese|Various support/assistance.|
|alexchu|@AlexChu85| / Youtube|English, Vietnamese|Various support/assistance.|
|BitcoinDatabaseNL|@BitcoinDatabaseNL| (EN) / (NL)|Dutch, English|Various support/assistance.|
|Cat|@GrumpyKitty| /|English, Spanish.|Highest discount.|
|coinrebels|@coinrebels| /|English|Premium Support/Assistance|
|criptonauta|@Criptonauta||Portuguese, English, Spanish|N/A|
|CryptoDailyTrading / Fresh Money / dobcrypto|@Cryptodailytradingofficial / @dobcrypto| / Telegram Group|French, English, Dutch, Russian|N/A|
|Gunbot Originals|@CaptainCorporate / @okkies / @KryptoGB / @GuyTheGuy / @VCMen / @Soyab007 / @fuathanOfficialGunBotSeller / @TruthBlitz|Discord Group|English, Turkish, Spanish|Various support/assistance.|
|Gunbot University - cw / x-online|@Cryptowally / @PoyTB|Gunbot University|English|Various support/assistance.|
|Exquitas / Swordfish85|@Exquitas  / @Sword_Fish||English, French, German, Luxembourgish|Support Admin/Free Support|
|leeview|@leeview| /|English|Various support/assistance.|
|NarKotix / cryptosticks|@NarKotix / @cryptosticks||English|Various support/assistance.|
|pim|@boekenbox / @medeeiros||English, German, Dutch|Wiki Admin / Lead GUI Dev / Personal support|

If you want to be placed on this list / your name is missing, PM me in the following format:

Code: [Select]
Gunthy Username:
Thread/Website (et. al.):
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