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How doesArbitao work ?


I think this is a really good trading site. Arbitao is a fully automated arbitrage solution for the encryption market. There is no further entry barriers. Everyone gains a profit. The future is now.
The system works by their community and is being tested!
They are utilizing the power of the community to protect the ATAO block chain!
High profitability
Arbitrage profits are paid to their community every day!
Automatically find useful deals!

How doesArbitao work ?
Many pairs are faced with lack of liquidity and volatility in the market is very high, leading to price differences between exchanges. By monitoring different transactions you can see that the price spread for a particular pair is up to 5%.

Arbitrage is a way to utilize price spreads between various exchanges and markets. This is an essential power for increasing the efficiency of asset prices in order to adjust the price difference of assets, increase liquidity and mitigate volatility .

Arbitao has created a unique infrastructure that reduces latency in order to execute arbitrage transactions as quickly as possible. In addition, the Arbitao team has developed a special algorithm to monitor the market to find the most profitable transactions.
The ATAO block chain is built to build a decentralized trade execution system. In addition, Arbitao is developing a function that can be integrated into a wallet where ATAO-Coin holders can contribute to computing power. This will help you find more profitable transactions. For more info visit at

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