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Author Topic: Config Validator & Upgrader  (Read 6306 times)

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« on: September 25, 2018, 12:13:52 PM »

As there are nearly 2000 changes between the default v9 and v10 configs, we wrote this config validator/upgrader tool to help people out.

For Validation, this happens entirely client side, just like JSONlint, so you can safely paste in your entire config file with its keys.
Our javascript validator will then check your config, and let you know about any problems.
For fun, you could enter "{}" into the text box, and then be walked through the arduous process of writing an entire Gunbot config from scratch
(Note I do not recommend actually doing this as it will be incredibly boring!)

Once the Validator gives you the list of issues, you will then see a 'Fix' button at the top.
The fixing process is done in PHP on our servers.
We first strip out all keys/secrets/addresses/passwords/etc, before sending your config to our servers to be fixed.
Once our server replies, all the stripped info is then re-inserted, again all on the client side.
Your private data is *never* sent to our servers

Finally once you now have a fixed config file, you can either copy/paste it out of the box, or you will see a 'download' button which will prompt you to save the new config.js.
This is then ready for you to use with Gunbot V10.

Disclaimer: We do not want your keys/secrets or other private data.
We have worked hard to ensure that no sensitive data ever leaves your web browser.

The full list of items stripped, prior to your config being sent to our servers for fixing is as follows:


The javascript that does all this is free to view, and we would encourage other developers to verify that none of this data ever leaves the browser.