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Your Resource for Gunbot Trading Strategies

What is Gunbot-Settings?
The creators of Gunbot-Settings developed a smart piece of software to automate the backtesting of different trading strategies. The bottom line is, that we managed to automatically test hundreds of thousands combinations of settings, which can be configured within Gunbot and fetch the results. The best results are then shared publicly here on Gunbot-Settings.

What is so special about Gunbot-Settings?
There is nothing special at all.
All we did, is developing a software to reduce our time spent manually testing hundreds and thousands of settings. Because we are very lazy, we automated that task. Now our algorythms test more than one hundred thousand different combinations on every Pair and every Period we want. So eventhough that are not ALL possible combinations, we are pretty sure, that our results are top of the notch.

How can you determine which product is the correct one for you?
The very first thing you need to consider, is what Pairs you want to trade. Do not choose a Trading Pair, you would not trade without our strategies. Secondly you need to know how to read our product:
Spoiler: show

You see the product name gives you of all critical information on that stategy: Profit, Pair, Timeframe/Month, Trades, Amount of Profitable Trades, Average Profit per Trade

What can you expect of our products?
Each of our data sets includes AT LEAST one configuration set with the necessary data to meet the individual results at backtesting. The data is already pre formatted so that you can easily copy/paste it into your Gunbots's config.js or just manually input the data using the GUI.
A preview of how a product will look like:
Spoiler: show

Will you release your Software
At the time of writing, we can not yet sell our software. But we have public release on our roadmap.

Hopefully you already know, but to be clear:
We are not responsible for any financial losses you may incur by using our services. All strategies have been backtested and will result in the given profits only for that specific pair, exchange, timeframe, period and so on.

Please share your questions and opinions. We are in a very early stage and seek to improve over time. Feel free to share your critics, as well!

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