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Author Topic: Gunbot v12.8.9  (Read 3109 times)

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Gunbot v12.8.9
« on: March 17, 2019, 04:39:49 PM »
Gunbot v12.8.9 Stable, next airdrop, users ranks and candies!
- Fix an old standing bug that would block telegram messages if GUI was disabled. Thanks @Bestairdrops
- Fuck yeah! Fix Huobi connection timeouts!!!
- Fix "undefined is not a function" error at Huobi. Thanks Lexx790
- Fix TV triggers being processed twice. Thanks @CrazyMop
- Change wiki link. Thanks @boekenbox
- Fix an issue that would prevent to swap exchanges on API slots. Thanks @boekenbox
- add CANCEL_ONCAP setting in cancel orders tab: if set to true it uses legacy cancel orders on cycle cap. Thanks @tandyuk
- Provide ARM build
- GUNTHY token not mandatory yet but HIGHLY suggested to update to this release as this will be the latest before we switch to full blockchain. Your console is showing you how many tokens you need to run your license: please use a not IDAX wallet for this as your tokens might join a pool at exchanges and your bot would stop to work.

Over telegram groups it is available the file of the next airdrop I'll run in the next hours, if you didnt receive enough tokens to run your license AND your wallet is not in that file, please harass your reseller URGENTLY and ask them to correctly register your wallet at our license server.

 About user's rank and why it is there:
It is my intention to reward our best users with always more features and entertaining software
If your wallet address is on top 20 points rank, you will receive special bonuses and unlock some features in our products:
1.- you will have access to bitRage
2.- you will be part of beta testing for the new native backtesting tool
3.- you will receive a Market Makers bot to use on any Gunbot supported exchanges and receive fees rebates
4.- you will be part of a special group for serious discussions about Gunbot strategies and tuning learning
5.- more to come....
What are requirements we looking for to get in the top 20 rank:
1.- we look how many tokens you hold
2.- we look how many tokens you need to run your license
3.- we look negatively to tokens dumpers
4.- we look to other community contributions you might give on a personal base (not related to wallet addresses privacy)
Thank you all and keep up the great participation: we aim to build the perfect money machine!