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Title: ◀◀◀☯⛄🚀 [GUNBOT+VPS HOSTING] The Perfect Money Machine 🚀⛄☯▶▶▶
Post by: 3KyNoX on December 31, 2017, 10:05:17 PM

Looking For Gunbot V9 RT ?
Need a Virtual Private Server with it ?
Or You just need the VPS ?

You're in The Right Place !

Trust Many other Customers that Experienced Us!

CryptoSight Bundles 50% OFF
CryptoSight is a Telegram Gunbot Monitoring Bot

Regular Licenses:
Light Edition(One Strategy): 0.026Ƀ
Standard Edition(1 Exchange + All Strategies): 0.056Ƀ
Pro Edition(1 Exchange + All Strategies): 0.08Ƀ
Ultimate Edition (All Exchanges): 0.15Ƀ

VPS Hosting:
From 0.0015 ฿/Month

VPS Hosting with Gunbot Subscription:
From 0.0065 ฿/Month

( (

24/7 Support: (
Title: Re: [HOSTED] Gunbot Pre-Configured Licences + Hosting
Post by: 3KyNoX on December 31, 2017, 10:06:39 PM
*** reserved ***
Title: Re: NEW!!![GUNBOT-HOSTED] ◀◀◀ ☯⛄🚀 Gunbot Pre-Configured Licences + Hosting 🚀⛄☯ ▶▶▶
Post by: cryptosticks on January 01, 2018, 03:09:17 PM
Very nice!  The website looks great and I think having a GunBot hosted service is a great idea too.

It looks like something I'd like to try out for myself!   And I think there may be a lot of newbies who would really appreciate your service.

Congratulations!   ;D

Title: Re: ◀◀◀☯⛄🚀 NEW [GUNBOT+HOSTING] Gunbot Ready to Use Licences . 50% DISCOUNT 🚀⛄☯▶▶▶
Post by: 3KyNoX on January 02, 2018, 09:36:24 PM
Thank you @cryptostick!

Lots of things incoming. And our offers starts well btw.

Title: Re: ◀◀◀☯⛄🚀 NEW [GUNBOT+HOSTING] Gunbot Ready to Use Licences . 50% DISCOUNT 🚀⛄☯▶▶▶
Post by: 3KyNoX on January 05, 2018, 09:52:40 PM

I've just added Paypal for dollars and euros payment which is now enabled.

Other crypto-currencies should follow soon (DASH / BITCOIN-CASH / BLACK-COIN / LITECOIN / ...)

Title: Re: ◀◀◀☯⛄🚀 NEW [GUNBOT+HOSTING] Just Login & GunBot . CryptoSight Bundles 🚀⛄☯▶▶▶
Post by: 3KyNoX on January 08, 2018, 08:26:59 PM
New CryptoSight Bundles Added! Please Stop By NoXeN.NeT!
Title: Re: ◀◀◀☯⛄🚀 NEW [GUNBOT+HOSTING] Just Login & GunBot . CryptoSight Bundles 🚀⛄☯▶▶▶
Post by: cryptoDey on January 25, 2018, 06:57:53 AM
Just started using Gunbot XT via NoXen remote server a few days ago. I have been interested in GunBot for a long time, but have been reluctant to buy it outright because of the heavy initial investment without being able to actually test it myself live on an exchange.

Here is why I personally recommend Gunbot through NoXen.

1. Great price - able to test out Gunbot XT for a month for only around 115 USD. Two positives: First, you get to test out gunbot without dropping over 1,000 USD without ever trying it out to verify for yourself if it works. Second, gunbot through NoXen runs on a remote server, which is HUGE when running these kinds of 24/7 programs. (more on that below)

VALUE: 10/10

2. 3KyNoX responds very quick to any questions I have. He even helped me tweak my settings to reach better gains. He's also a really cool person. He lives on an opposite time zone, across the world, yet still answers my questions in the middle of the night for him. Customer service is quick and he walks you through any problems/questions you have setting up gunbot.


3. As a software engineer myself, I know how easy it is for something unfortunate to happen to a local machine, for example your internet goes out for a few seconds or minutes or hours, or your power goes out - that is not good for gains. I highly recommend running the bot on NoXen because its a remote server that you run your gunbot instance on rather than your local machine, so you never have to worry about power or internet crapping out. It legit runs 24/7 for me, with no server issues. Constantly making money for me. You can access Gunthy GUI (or other GUI's offered by NoXen), using a secure password anywhere in the world using a browser (I have my iPad on me at all times checking the output log). You receive an email within a few hours after signing up with a link to your personal website where you control your gunbot.


Already made the 130 initial investment back in profit from trades (and a good amount more).. and its been 3 days. (I would also like to note that I forgot to set the correct MINIMUM_VOL_TO_TRADE on my gunbot settings to reflect Binance's minimum - so I missed out on many trades, but that is my own fault. Nevertheless, I have still made a couple hundred USD profit in 3 days.) Keep in mind, I'm trading in a generally down market as we all know right now, so those gains are very impressive and I look forward to seeing the profit rise even more when the market bounces back. To new users, my advice is READ THE WIKI, so you set up your gunbot settings correctly! There are not a lot of settings you need to worry about, especially when running the emotionless Strat, but the few settings you need to tweak depending on your exchange, take the 5 minutes to do it! 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with NoXen or GunBot in any way, simply a very satisfied customer and figured there were other people in my position who would want to try gunbot out and/or benefit from the ability to run gunbot on a server rather than a local machine. (Again, for users who are not experienced with computers - this is very important for bots to run interrupted 24/7). I am leaving this good review in hopes other people like me who are interested yet hesitant to purchase gunbot, to highlight the benefits of buying through NoXen with the ability to test it for a month, and if you like it you can buy it for longer/forever. Updates and improvements are always coming out through the Gunbot team.

One thing I liked was being able to pay in USD through paypal so I don't have to toss out any BTC. Huge plus in my book. Of course, you can pay in BTC or EUR, whatever you prefer.

This is the one I chose BTW -

(I left my review on there as well)

Happy Gains!

Title: Re: ◀◀◀☯⛄🚀 NEW [GUNBOT+HOSTING] Just Login & GunBot . CryptoSight Bundles 🚀⛄☯▶▶▶
Post by: ahmeisa on March 03, 2018, 01:14:45 AM
I just tried him for 24H till now coming from Amazon AWS, honestly finding someone expert and helpful like 3KyNoX is a great experience for me.
I give him 10/10 as customer support and server performance
Title: Re: ◀◀◀☯⛄🚀 NEW [GUNBOT+HOSTING] Just Login & GunBot . CryptoSight Bundles 🚀⛄☯▶▶▶
Post by: Mechtrader on March 11, 2018, 04:07:36 AM
 :o I agree if you are on the fence this was a great way to try out gunbot hosted for a month.  Support is great, easy to reach directly on telegram.  I had no idea what i was doing and any questions or problems i had were solved quickly.  I had a lot of fun figuring out how it works and trying to apply strategies to different pairs, learned a bunch understanding the options available to me to manipulate.
    I don't know why it says rookie on 3KyNoX name he is a pro and top of the verified reseller list! 

Title: Re: ◀◀◀☯⛄🚀 [GUNBOT+VPS HOSTING] The Perfect Money Machine 🚀⛄☯▶▶▶
Post by: 3KyNoX on March 16, 2018, 09:05:12 PM
Thanks for all these great comments and detailed reviews.

I've just updated our new offers that includes now Virtual Private Server for every newcomers.

Website updated with it and re-built.

Title: Re: ◀◀◀☯⛄🚀 [GUNBOT+VPS HOSTING] The Perfect Money Machine 🚀⛄☯▶▶▶
Post by: 3KyNoX on April 27, 2018, 02:02:30 PM
Hello !

v9 Prices both for lifetime licenses and subscriptions updated.