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Title: Gunbot v12.9.9.2
Post by: GrumpyKitty on May 11, 2019, 06:34:10 PM
- Fix an issue that would calculate wrong ABP for some exchanges like Binance and Kucoin.
- Enable new pairs at Kraken (QTUM, ATOM, TZ). By now we don't need to make manual patches anymore if Kraken adds new pairs: Gunbot would know automatically.
- Your bot now shows a lot more informations about your license, including your rank. Enable automatic upgrade of licenses based on amount of GUNTHY token you hold in your wallet.
-Fix an issue with Poloniex balances.
- Fix swap exchanges page being empty for some users.
- Fix Cryptosight not working for some users. Just set TELEGRAM_ENABLED and it will work on top of your old Gunbot telegram bot (might need /start).
- Fix bittrex connection.
- Fix 2500 balance issue for some windows distro.
- Fix BCHABC currency at binance.
- Fix "min precision" undefined in some gdax currencies.
- stop sending telegram old orders messages forever.
- Fix TV plugin.
- Fix an issue with Kraken not starting for some users.
- Fix bittrex bid/ask being reverted.
- Remove Cryptopia.
- Fix Cryptosight spam of orders at first start. You can now delete tgconfig.js from your gunbot folder.
- Fix "bitmex_testnet" requiring a license. You would still need to have a registered wallet to start gunbot on bitmex_testnet.
- Fix an error that would cause a restart of Gunbot.
- Fix an error at Kraken exchange that caused Gunbot restart.

Instructions: Please update the entire folder in your Gunbot if you are upgrading from a version lower than v12.9.9.

1.- i have already denied even if approved, some exchanges with a shady volume activity: see LBANK and others. Even tho I thank you for your support at LBANK, I am not going to accept their listing. If you participated in that voting and supported us, you have been promised some extra tokens. I'll keep my promise even if we are not listing our token there: please send me your GUNTHY wallet in PM. Thank you.

2.- Exchanges that are actually well established since many years: a co.branding partnership with Kucoin will be announced on their website in the next days. Binance and some other high volume exchanges

3.- Exchanges that I personally know their owners and that are presenting a fucking awesome technology innovation: Dx.Exchange for example
 At Dx.Exchange you can trade Cryptocurrencies, Digital Stocks, ETFs & STOs
 They are very happy to list our token, our project had been analyzed, but they ask the community support
 If you want to support listing at Dx.Exchange, please sign up using this referral link: it is used to track how many users we are able to receive support from. ANY rebate I will eventually receive from that referral link, will be airdropped back to all users that participated in this program
 Thank you again for your support and keep reporting bugs and feature requests, we are constantly aiming to build the perfect money machine!