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3hrs and 47 min from bringing a buyer to Cryptosticks, getting through all of the process and receiving funds in my account. Super service.

Of course I was also lucky to find a buyer quickly and he was very prompt and organized as well, so that helped. Good luck to everyone!

Hi everyone

Ended up not using gunbot much. Selling GunBot License - Gunbot RT V.9.5.1 - Ultimate Edition - All Markets Pack + TradingView, bought from The Crypto Bot. Price includes the transfer  as well as escrow fees.

Original price I have paid is 0.15btc, Sale price (what you pay) for 50% off -  .075btc <-- You pay.
I also pay API swap fee of .01btc and 7.5% of escrow fee and 0.0007 btc transfer fee. My loss your win.

Message me on telegram @CryptoAzeri


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