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If you are in need of converting your trades from BTC to USD equivalent for the purposes of doing your taxes, please pm me


on telegram, and I can help you out. We support the Poloniex, Bittrex and binance exchanges at the moment.



I am pookNast, the original. Don't be faked out by the 'PookzTA' who just stole my name.

'PookzTA' is not affiliated with me, pookNast. He just stole my name and is using my name for his own purposes.

'PookzTA' is a fake
'PookzTA' is a fake
'PookzTA' is a fake
'PookzTA' is a fake
'PookzTA' is a fake
'PookzTA' is a fake
'PookzTA' is a fake

Hello all.

This is pookNast, formerly a professor of the Gunbot University. Some of you may be familiar with my Technical Chart Analysis on the crypto market. For those of you who haven't, I specialize in Technical Chart Analysis, more specifically the Ichimoku Trend Trading system.

This post is to announce the unveiling of my team's Ichimoku Trend Trading script for use with GunbotXT via the email integration aka South Beach Signals.

If you're interested in finding out more please join our telegram lobby channel:

or check out our webpage FAQ page

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Do not invest any money you cannot afford to lose.

Volume Analysis and auto off/on on trading that pair feature for pairs under 300 volume (poloniex)

Would be helpful to have a way to keep the bot running on all the pairs, but turn off the trading capabilities if the volume falls under a threshold set. In the event that you have an open trade, it would still keep the pair running until a sell point is reached.

You can use the node currencies from the 3.1 package.

Would it be possible to add to the gadd feature in gb to be able to pick the base crypto and designate which exchange it's on.
Right now, from my understanding we can can only add BTC_XXX from the gadd command.

It would be great if we could add the ETH_XXX and the XMR_XXX pairs from the gadd command, as well as designate which exchange they should be on.

Thank you.  8)

Beginners & Help / Re: [TUT] How to running GUNBOT in Linux
« on: June 08, 2017, 04:21:44 PM »
Thanks for this tutorial, extremely helpful for the 'nix crowd on here.

Questions pertaining to getting pairs loaded up through the pm2 module on the bittrex exchange:

1) How would I load a pair on the bittrex exchange using the pm2 module? I would need to have a separate bittrex-BTC_XXX-config.js from the polo config?

2) Could I run the same pair on polo and bit simultaneously on pm2 with the separate config files? (i.e. BTC_XXX on polo & BTC_XXX on bit)

3) I'm trying to add an ETH_XXX pair through the 'pm2 start ETH_XXX' the config files are in the correct directory, but I'm receiving the error 'Script not found' per the screenshoot. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong so I can get that to work?

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