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Unverified Sales / ** IMPORTANT: official escrow BTC address **
« on: March 13, 2019, 10:32:23 PM »

The only wallet address that should be used to is


If you are asked to send BTC to another address you are not talking to me.

To stop fraud all GunBot license transfers MUST use escrow.

Escrow is a 3rd party to ensure safe transfer of the license.

It is not possible to purchase a GunBot from someone without using escrow.

Don't get scammed by a seller who says they don't need escrow.

When you buy a GunBot you will need to have your exchange's API keys entered into the GunBot license server.   

The seller's API key needs to be deleted from the license server; the buyer's API key needs to be added to the license server.
Only GunBot resellers and Gunthar have access to the license server.


NOTE: Threads that haven't been verified within 2 months will be locked and archived.

Want to sell your GunBot?

After you have included all of the information below in your WTS listing please contact Cryptosticks or @GrumpyKitty with:

1)  Your licensed API key(s) of your GunBot

I will then verify your API key and move to the VERIFIED SALES area only if the following is included in the WTS listing:

   Buyers will feel safer when they know they will be protected by

  How many exchanges?  Any add-ons?  TradingView Plug-in?  ZENO GUI?

   Buyer paying escrow fee?  Or will seller pay?   I suggest the seller offer to pay the Escrow Fee.
   NOTE:  My fee is 7.5% of the total sale amount plus 0.0007 BTC to send final payment to seller.

   To activate the new buyer's API key someone must pay the 0.01 BTC swap fee.
   The API swap fee is not optional!  Every escrow must have an API swap fee paid.

   Even with the new GunBot system the fee must be paid.  The Gunthy wallet address must be swapped in the licensing server and the Buyer will need tech support.  The 0.01 fee is not optional.

   NOTE: For the 0.01 BTC swap fee the buyer can swap exchanges.
   i.e. the buyer can change from the seller's exchange to any other exchange!
   This should make it easier to sell your license.  The buyer can GunBot on any exchange.

   Only one API swap fee of 0.01 must be paid.  Even if you are selling multiple exchange license.
   One fee no matter how many licenses are being sold.

Click below for the GunBot Escrow explainer video --

NOTE: The above are my requirements.
Comments or concerns can be addressed to myself or to the GunBot Support Team:
NarKotix or exquitas

Services & Third Party Plugins / API swaps are no longer available
« on: December 30, 2017, 05:42:23 AM »
Recent changes have meant that API swaps (from one exchange to another) are no longer available as a paid service.

Registered GunBot owners can manage their own GunBot APIs via the GunBot UI (user interface).

Note: Users MUST have the Gunthy token in order to control their registered GunBot APIs via the GunBot UI.

GUNBOT General Discussion / Cryptopia working for you?
« on: October 12, 2017, 03:09:14 AM »
Fresh install of v5.0.5.5 and getting the error:

Code: [Select]
Error on strategy BB for XMR_BTC on cryptopia while getting ema2 -\ Error: Cannot read property '0' of null

I probably have my config set wrong since it's a new install (and has never worked).

Click below for the GunBot Escrow explainer video --

CORE = the GunBot application ..:.. EXCHANGE = Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken,etc

VERIFIED GunBot licenses listed for sale on Gunthy
Find licenses for sale that are already verified,47.0.html

UNVERIFIED GunBot licenses listed for sale on Gunthy
Post your WTS (Want To Sell) AND ask Forum Admins (NarKotix or exquitas or Cryptosticks) to verify your API key as valid,48.0.html

Approved Escrow Service
7.5% of the GunBot sale price & 0.0007 BTC *
Using to make the process easier.

* Transaction fee: 0.0007 BTC to send final payment to seller!

Selling a Gunbot for 0.07 BTC --> (0.07BTC * 7.5%) = 0.00525 BTC escrow fee

0.07 BTC + 0.00525 BTC escrow fee + 0.0007 BTC transaction fee0.07595 BTC final amount with escrow

Transferring a 2nd hand license used to be slow!
If you can't be patient don't use escrow!  Buy a new license from an Authorized Reseller

The process:
  • The seller should visit & submit form.
  • Contact me (see below) after the form is submitted by seller on
  • Verification of valid GunBot license! Seller's API key (collected via is verified as valid.
  • Buyer transfers payment to me (including the 7.5% escrow fee + 0.0007 BTC transaction fee to send).
      • Confirmation of BTC payment from buyer (buyer shares txID with seller & myself).
  • TRANSFER of GunBot license (to buyer's new API key).
      • SWAP - new API key from buyer turned ON, seller's API key turned OFF.
      • Telegram support group (Gunthy Elite) invitation given to buyer
  • Payment from myself to seller (minus the 7.5% escrow fee + 0.0007 BTC transaction fee to send)
    • Seller confirms payment from myself (minus the 7.5% escrow fee + 0.0007 BTC transaction fee to send)
NOTE: Seller is paid at the very end of the process.
  The seller will only be paid when the buyer gets their GunBot working
  *OR* notifies me to release funds to seller.

  ONLY after the seller has submitted the form in Step 1:

Contact me here on via PM


Contact me on Telegram @cryptosticks
Web version of Telegram can be found here --
I highly recommend downloading Telegram to your computer AND smartphone for easy communication.

Buyers please read --
Sellers please read --

The *official* Gunbot support chat is in Telegram.  You'll get an invite once you've purchased a license.
The Web version of Telegram is great for cutting-and-pasting in API keys!

PATIENCE, please
The whole process can take a bit of time.  I will streamline the entire process as much as possible.

"Optimistic" Estimated time:  ONE to TWO days
"Not-so-Optimistic" Estimated time:  MORE than ONE or TWO days

The exact time will be determined by a variety of factors
including API key issues for buyer and buyer tech issues installing the GunBot, verifying their new API key is working, etc. etc.

Please understand that Gunthar is busy coding our beloved GunBot.
Thank you for your patience understanding.

I bought a Bittrex license for GunBot about two days ago and got it running rather quickly on a Windows 7 VPS.  I only funded the Bittrex account with around .17 BTC and .75 ETH.

I've been pleasantly surprised by the website and thought I'd share.

Easily pulls data from Bittrex (and/or Poloniex) and tracks the alt coinage.

Here's a link.  It tracks people who sign-up under me... but, as far as I know, it's not monetized.... so I won't be butt hurt if you don't use my special little link.

Bittrex / iPhone app for notification of Bittrex trades (API)?
« on: August 22, 2017, 05:05:33 AM »

I'm looking for an app for my iPhone that will notify me of a Bittrex trade via a notification.  I'm using the TB Bitrex app (and paid $4.99 to remove the ads); it allows for full trading and is pretty good for an iOS app... and while it shows my current wallet it doesn't have notifications for BUY or SELL orders.

I keep my Bittrex open in a web browser to get the notifications but I'm looking for something for my phone.

Any ideas?

Mining / Mining: is it worth it in 2017?
« on: August 17, 2017, 07:32:32 PM »
Serious question.  I was mining with a serious rig or two back when Bitcoin was at $330.

Is Bitcoin mining worth it today?  If not is there other mining that is more rewarding?

Bittrex / Looking to buy Bittrex license
« on: August 17, 2017, 07:19:14 PM »
Let me know.   :o

Update.  I've purchased a Bittrex license.

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