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Beginners & Help / Article with tips for beginning or novice Gunbot users
« on: November 23, 2018, 08:49:21 PM »
Hi Guys

I wrote a longer article about, in my opinion, the most important things new Gunbot traders should do and learn to get familiar with their bot.

I hope it helps some of you:

The TradingView add-on got quite a lot of love in the last few Gunbot releases. To summarize the new options, I wrote a detailed article about how to use the add-on to:

- Make sure TradingView sell alerts only execute when they are profitable
- Use alerts for buying and let Gunbot handle selling, using trailing
- Let Gunbot take care of averaging down your bags, with normal buy and sell alerts coming from TradingView

I hope it helps some of you.

I built free profit calculators to use for Binance and Bittrex. I hope it helps anyone here.

Itís an excel sheet where you can insert the contents of a Binance/Bittrex trades history export file, and get detailed per pair statistics: total profit, %profit, amount of trades, etc. Fees are all accounted for. The sheet is able to handle partially filled orders and consolidate these for correct profit calculations.

You wonít be able to use this for filing taxes, as unrealized profit cannot be handled by the calculator, I find it to be a great help for trading though.

Hope it helps any of you.

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