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Having no more time to use it, I sell my Bittrex Licence, activated for both 3.x and 5.x versions.

Price 0.06 BTC (or an equivalent or better crypto if the Escrow allows it...)
Please contact me using PM, I don't have Telegram.

I'm not sure why this is edited. Others sell for down to 0.055 - why am I forced to sell at 0.06? Please PM?

In case you missed it, as it's not here:

It's here:

A few comments:

It seems to fix all youth problems of the previous 5.x version - a GREAT job!

You can now set it up to match your favorite marketplace curves and see how it behaves.
Gunthar documented this, see the above link.

An important new parameter!
I personnaly use the GUNTHY_API=true.
It permits to start/restart the bot with already SMA, EMA and BB filled with complete historical informations, downloaded on server(s).
This is as smart and useful.

The inexistant doc doesn't talk about it - but the BOT_DELAY parameter set to 1 by default makes fast queries, sometimes too fast, depending your number of pairs/platform.
If you get alerts of abnormal use of your API, or if you have a very few pairs, increase it.
I tried from 1 to 50 and found somewhere around 30 being the coolest for me.

Ah, and the official name seems to be Gunthy now.

Adios Gunbot, long life Gunthy - and thanks Gunthar.

Running 3.3.2 seems to work on Bittrex BTC_ARK, for example.

But tried to run on BTC_OMG, same config, nothing fancy, just a different pair.

It throws many errors because probably I placed a manual order 15 days ago (closed order) :

###[ --2017/09/13 02:57:39--Bittrex--BTC_OMG  --  Gunbot v3.3 cycle #1 --------------- ]
::::: collecting market data...
Server running at
(node:5008) DeprecationWarning: Calling an asynchronous function without callback is deprecated.
Bad server answer [ { OrderUuid: 'b4024265-3cd8-41ef-8834-d93cc8079ee6',
Unhandled rejection Error: Bad server answer
    Exchange: 'BTC-OMG',
    at console.C:\snapshot\Users\Enrico\Desktop\xBot_v2.9.3\bittrex.js.module.exports.Market.getLastBuyRate.Promise.bittrex.private.getOrderHistory.then (evalmachine.<anonymous>:0:0)
    TimeStamp: '2017-08-31T14:13:32.427',

(... as there is maybe 100 lines like this just for cycle 1)

The log file shows :

2017/09/13 02:53:33   Activating hot reconfig...
2017/09/13 02:53:33   ###[ --2017/09/13 02:53:33--Bittrex--BTC_OMG  --  Gunbot v3.3 cycle #1 --------------- ]
2017/09/13 02:53:33   ::::: collecting market data...
2017/09/13 02:53:33   Server running at
2017/09/13 02:53:34   Bad server answer,[object Object]
2017/09/13 02:53:34   Bad server answer,[object Object]
2017/09/13 02:53:34   ***************************************************
2017/09/13 02:53:34   Low BB:0.00000000 - High BB:0.00000000
2017/09/13 02:53:34   ***************************************************
2017/09/13 02:53:34   BB price to sell 0.0000000 -- GAIN price to sell NaN
2017/09/13 02:53:34   BB price to buy 0 -- GAIN price to buy 0
2017/09/13 02:53:34   Bad server answer,[object Object]
2017/09/13 02:53:36   LP 0.00278989  Bal.BTC 0.05300062  Bal.OMG 0(0)
2017/09/13 02:53:36   No open orders
2017/09/13 02:53:36   boughtPrice undefined
2017/09/13 02:53:36   price  steady (0)
2017/09/13 02:53:36   PriceToBuy,0.0000,priceToSell,--not set--
2017/09/13 02:53:36   LP 27.8989000,>,prBuy 0.0000000  secMargin 0  grows no
2017/09/13 02:53:36   no altcoins: 0
2017/09/13 02:53:36   price to buy: 0
2017/09/13 02:53:36   last price is too high
2017/09/13 02:53:36   Gunbot callback at 2017/09/13 02:53:36 cycle # 1
2017/09/13 02:53:36   Callback:
2017/09/13 02:53:36   ---------
2017/09/13 02:53:36   price too high
need faster: no
need slower: no

Is there a way to avoid this problem?
Thank you-

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