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I'm selling a Gunbot RT core license and licenses for any two exchanges.
  • How come any exchanges? When you buy from me, I pay an API Swap fee of 0.01 BTC that allows you to select any two of the supported exchanges.
We'll use Cryptosticks' services. Your funds are safe and protected until your bot is working.
  • I'm paying all the fees: the API Swap fee (0.01 BTC) and Cryptosticks' escrow (7.5%) and sending (0.0007 BTC) fees.
You only pay 0.05 BTC (and your network sending fee to escrow, of course).
  • Contact me by PM here or by Telegram (faster): @BestAirdrops

I have come across some inconsistent behavior regarding ETH pairs on Bittrex. Examine the following screen cap:

If it is selected a strategy that involves tssl (or combinations of tssl), the table is not displayed and the state is not saved in .json files. I was unable to determine (yet) if trades are being made. This seems to be limited to ETH pairs, as BTC pairs work as intended. The same behavior is NOT exhibited on Poloniex, for example, where all works well.

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