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Services & Third Party Plugins / Free tracking spreadsheet for Polo
« on: September 01, 2017, 10:41:51 AM »
Hey guys,

We all track profit differently, I thought I would share how I do it. I've made a push lately to try and automate as much as I can in an effort to make my life easier.

Before we get started - I'm not a coder/programmer, so support will be very limited. There are probably better ways to do it than the way I have - feel free to make edits to suit your own needs, redistribute if you wish, although credit would be nice. I'm assuming that it is secure, I've not had any problems thus far, but you use it at your own risk.

What can the spreadsheet do?
Once set up, it will automatically go to Polo at your set interval (I only use Polo, can't help with other exchanges), retrieve the BTC value of each coin, total them up, and put it into a log. The log details: date, time, BTC, profit, running balance and %.

You can set it to run as often as you like (I've tested it to 1 minute intervals, although I run it at an hour usually), and there is a button to run the script to force an update whenever you want to.

There is a new tab - "Daily Log" - it gives you a daily breakdown of %, gain/loss in BTC and current BTC - I find it really useful for checking in on GB when I don't have time to look properly.

Where can I find it?

In this Google Sheets file:

How do I use it?
1) Follow the link above to open the file - this will open the blank preview.

2) Make a copy of it into your own Google Drive - File > Make a copy...

3) Fill in your API Key and Secret from Polo (I created a new one for the purposes of this) (I'm assuming it's safe, as once the file is in your own Google Drive, no one else can access it).

4) This is the part I couldn't automate: click Tools, click Script Editor, click Edit, click Current project's triggers, add a new trigger - you can select any time interval you want - I suggest time-driven at hour intervals. Click save, exit the Script Editor.

5) Fill in the top row - Date, Time, BTC that you currently have

6) Give it a test - either use the "Manual update" button, or wait for your interval to happen.

Wrapping up:

It took me a couple of days tinkering to get it running, I think it works fine for what I need it to do. It's not fancy, it's not complicated. It is just simple tracking - but that's what I wanted, it tells m in a nutshell, if I'm making money or losing money!

There are updates that I've made to the spreadsheet throughout this thread. I think it works mostly OK!

If you are feel like buying me a beer, my BTC is 1M9ZiwdKXmTV7c9dkmqVnSVXrtYhkQhY98

Hope this can help some people here.

GUNBOT General Discussion / Bitcoin's future?
« on: June 19, 2017, 09:05:09 PM »
As someone who is relatively new to crypto, and has no where near as much experience as others - I am keen to learn more.

There is a lot of news surrounding Bitcoin and August 1st, where it is going to fork? Now, I think this means that it'll take 2 different paths, each being lead by a different group?

What impact does this have on us Gunbot users? All of our pairs are BTC/***, are they not?

Hi all,

Thought I'd just introduce myself.
I've been interested in crypto for a couple of years now, on and off. Recently, I've started mining Ethereum and Zcash with the hardware I have available (old gaming PCs), and things are going well. I like putting a lot of my free time into researching things that I'm interested in.
As a result, I've put a lot of research recently into trading crypto.

I'm trying to make a bit of cash on the side - I'm already doing matched betting, but it's a quiet time of year, so profits are slim - plus, most of the events take place when I'm at work. So, I'm interested to see where this takes me.

Although I have a small (very, very small) portfolio of crypto, this will be the first time I've used any of it, so, bear with me!

Some questions, if I may:
1) bitify - is this a legit place to purchse the program? I've not used it before, maybe just because I've not spent crypto before.
2) I plan on running it on my Ubuntu box, will the version from bitify work on Ubuntu?
3) I'm assuming that the version on bitify is the latest version - 3.3.2?

4) It works by trading pairs of currency, correct? Does the program license work for 1 currency pair, or multiple pairs?
5) Does GunBot re-invest your profits, or is it a good idea to shut it down daily, readjust the numbers, and start it back up?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

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