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isnt that repaint?

I absolutely love this article about RSI and doing sales in the middle to cover half the risk.

For me I use MACD and Stochastic RSI primarily, but I double check them against EMA(8),EMA(16), and BB(4).
a better tool is HMA just fyi rsi wont get you a sideways market BB bounce rsi can be misleading ina qucik 1% jumping in sideways action look back to the last month of monero youll see

Whenever BB are constricted and then open, BB theory does NOT work and does the opposite of what you expect...

this is slightly untrue. there are indicators to the bb squeeze exit that is over 70% accurate.
but its almost 90% true the first indication outside the BB after a squeeze of les then 1%  is going to be the direction of hte new trend.

Combine MACD 4C with BB to make BB more accurate...

this is a new idea to me and thank you for hte coment it looks fruitful i will look more into this my self...

Combine WPR and RSI, only when both indicators signal (leave their zone), trigger action.

have not tried this either thank you :D

Use TA's to bring back something like currencies.js 2.0, grades coins by volatility and percentage swings, something that looks at volume and walls to identify pumps with option to auto activate pair with predefined setting, and perhaps a weather meter showing market condition, etc...

but what ta's to use as a grading average? macd crosses with vol and chop? with volatility oscillator variance?

here is a tip guntar to add tot eh bots BB bounce. if Middle band is < then prior middle band (.02 tolrence (is if current is 55.89 proir 55.885)) do not trade  a good away to avoid automatic down trends....

i would love to code it but i cant afford the bot LOL would be more then willing to give the whole stratigy but i would want to be able to use my key's :( i know that sounds dickish but its a sound scalping method to scalp in multiple pairs constantly jumping to the next 2 to 5% wave all day long i just ahve no tool to onitor allt he pairs for the signal's  :( :o more then willing to show screen shots of the method in action too

right i have attempted coding it in coffee script while i can write the logic steps out in a understanable manner with my english (for the most part) i cant write code to save my LIFE rofl

all the talibs need to be configuable for customer settings

Balance of POWER
EMA *** multiple entances to depending on if selling.buying.long(rally).short(panicsellers)
macd hist signal and macd
Parabolic SAR
STOCH fast and slow
STOCHRSI fast and slow
Supertrend BF
SMA (again multiple config's)

all the data points are put in to a math formula for wighted descition's if the disction scale meet the goal it takes the action, the same stats will allso tell me when a rally or sell of is going to allow me to buy in at the botem and sell (near) the top or at the top... most of the time im in the ticker 1 minute behind the top....

t want to give my stratigy away but i use conditional trading of 10 talib points (meet 9 out of 10 and meed 1 requirement also then issue a buy. sells are a bit easyer. 4 out of 5.) problem is if a rally happens (upward trend over 2% (also able to be flag by a tick counter of a talib (need to compare prior ticks to current ones) i know before a big rally 98% acuracy, problem is i have no tool capible of monitrior every pair at the same time so now i just eyeball it :( same sort of before a big dump i can normaly call a 10% sell of a minute or two before it happens again need talibs of around 7 with a conditional modifier..... anyways if i could have conditional set's that would be great LOL granted i dont even have a copy i have been exploring buying it because its realy teh only tool that could monitor all pairs on a exhange the way i want to....

GUNBOT General Discussion / no margin capibilitys?
« on: July 23, 2017, 02:15:48 AM »
im sorry so i just want to be clear before i purchase. is margin buy(long)/Sell(short) not a option on this bot?

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