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Beginners & Help / Re: Gunbot Monitor - Oversee all GUNBOTs in one screen
« on: November 02, 2018, 04:20:51 PM »
Are there any plans to update for Gunbot v10 and beyond?

I received an inquiry what is "core":
  • As functional modules, Gunbot is made up of a main executable program, with versions for Windows, x86 Linux, Mac and ARM Linux. All versions are the same and do the same thing, no matter the architecture. You configure this core executable with the number of exchange licenses that you have.
Licensing is structured in such a way that you can sell your licenses, as you see here in this forum. For more flexibility, you can sell even individual licenses for exchanges if, for various reasons, you don't want to use an exchange. This is also easier (cheaper) for the buyers that want to extend their existing Gunbot with just one or two exchange licenses.
  • Think of an exchange license as an upgrade. For example, in the Windows world you can buy a full version (that includes "core" and can be installed on a barebone machine) or a cheaper, upgrade version, that adds features to your existing core, but that cannot be installed from scratch.
First time Gunbot buyers must purchase a "core" license. There is no individual "core", you simply get it with your first exchange license. Your exchange license does not function without a "core".
  • In my ad you see that I'm selling "core" so that you would understand that I'm not just selling an upgrade to two exchanges, but a full functional product that you can use with two exchanges.
As for the version number of Gunbot that I'm selling, it's always the latest version. As I mentioned above, you configure the executable with your license(s). The licenses are not tied up to releases. The current stable release is v9, with v10 in beta stage at the time of writing and to be released in the not so distant future. You can download from Github any old or new Gunbot version you want and use it with your license(s).
  • If you want to buy a new Gunbot license, you see at resellers there's "lite", "standard", "pro" and "ultimate". "Lite" is a cut-down version, that you can only use on one exchange and with just one simple(st) strategy. "Standard", "Pro" and "Ultimate" all have the same capabilities, it just differs the number of exchanges you get and for the more expensive versions you also get some optional plugins.
What I'm selling is between "Standard" and "Pro". You must know that the version that I'm selling does have Telegram notifications for orders placed by the bot.

I'm selling a Gunbot RT core license and licenses for any two exchanges.
  • How come any exchanges? When you buy from me, I pay an API Swap fee of 0.01 BTC that allows you to select any two of the supported exchanges.
We'll use Cryptosticks' services. Your funds are safe and protected until your bot is working.
  • I'm paying all the fees: the API Swap fee (0.01 BTC) and Cryptosticks' escrow (7.5%) and sending (0.0007 BTC) fees.
You only pay 0.05 BTC (and your network sending fee to escrow, of course).
  • Contact me by PM here or by Telegram (faster): @BestAirdrops

For the third time, it has nothing to do with Okkies. It is a TSSL related problem. I was also able to reproduce it on ichimoku. It seems it has something to do with low-volume trades.

When BUY_ENABLED is set to false, DOUBLE_UP is also disabled.

Make it so that these two options do not overlap. Scenario: you want to get rid of a bag, but don't want to buy again after selling.

All good and Gunbot is the message displayed when using emotionless strategy. I've included some pairs with emotionless to demonstrate that other strategies work. You can actually see in the screen cap that MFI is 43. The limit for OKKIES was set at 35.

The problem is related to tssl. Sometimes there's the inconsistency I mentioned: state is not saved in .json files for certain pairs and "Core checks" table does not appear.

Yesterday and today this happens on Poloniex, only for two pairs: ETH-ETC and ETH-STEEM.

And today it's working fine...  ???

I have come across some inconsistent behavior regarding ETH pairs on Bittrex. Examine the following screen cap:

If it is selected a strategy that involves tssl (or combinations of tssl), the table is not displayed and the state is not saved in .json files. I was unable to determine (yet) if trades are being made. This seems to be limited to ETH pairs, as BTC pairs work as intended. The same behavior is NOT exhibited on Poloniex, for example, where all works well.

The first post says you can use a free tradingview account, however intraday candles are not available on free accounts.

Reputation / Re: Criptonauta Reputation and Vouches thread
« on: December 11, 2017, 12:46:09 PM »
Used the escrow service, all good, very accomodating and fast.

I have found a seller that has several licences for sale (core, exchanges, addons) but the negotiated price is lower that 0.03 / piece (given that he has several items). Will you escrow?

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