Introducing Gunbot the #1 Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

Experience Emotionless Trading

The difference between manual trading and trading with Gunbot is your emotions. Trade 24/7, increase your profits and don’t let your emotions trade for you.

Join our community with thousands of active, smart, and friendly traders.

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Trade Virtually on Every Available Crypto Exchange

Partner Exchanges are Official Gunbot Partners. We are in direct contact with their teams.

Certified Exchanges have been Supported in Gunbot for a long time, Tested High-Quality API support.

Plus More Than 100 EXCHANGES  and New Ones Added as they Become Available in the CCXT Library Supported Exchanges List

Automate Your Crypto Trading with Gunbot

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Gunbot Features

  • Gunbot allows you to fully automate your crypto trading. Using community-developed strategies even beginning traders can take advantage of the opportunities in the volatile crypto markets.
  • For expert traders, Gunbot is perfect to execute custom strategies on a large number of trading pairs or to automate certain parts of trading – like selling with a trailing stop or averaging down.
  • Support automated trading on spot and margin exchanges. You can use both trends following as mean reversal based strategies. Full customization possible by executing trades through TradingView alerts.
  • Unlike other tools, Gunbot is not a subscription service and charges zero markup on trades. We’re as privacy friendly as it gets: your trading data stays between you and your exchange, no API secrets are centrally saved and nothing gets shared with third parties.
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Awesome Gunbot Benefits



Backtest Gunbot strategies on TradingView, for any time frame or market.

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See which trades were recently made, or are about to happen. Get push notifications on Telegram.



Edit your strategy or pairs from any device. Useful charts with the exact data Gunbot works with



Gunbot offers a complete solution for crypto trading. Installed on your own computer or server.


Take Advantage Now!

Gunbot is the most advanced Crypto Trading Bot on the market. Capitalize on every trading opportunity – 24/7

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How GUNBOT Works

  • Gunbot is a locally installed software to automatically trade on the most popular exchanges for cryptocurrencies. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and even on a Raspberry Pi.
  • You select the coins to automatically trade. Gunbot will monitor the market and trade on your behalf. Day and night, catching every opportunity. ‍
  • Choose from many tested trading strategies presets, or create and backtest your individual strategy. You decide, Gunbot executes.

You can Benefit from Community-Driven Trading Strategies

  • A strategy in Gunbot is a set of rules that define how it trades
  • Strategies can be assigned to one or more trading pairs.
  • Gunbot comes with 15 strategies presets
  • You can create an unlimited number of custom strategies.

Gunbot is a community effort. Every single strategy and setting is drawn, discussed, and tested by over 6000 active traders.

You can Create Your Own Custom Strategies.

  • Buy & sell methods.
  • Confirming indicators.
  • Additional trailing.
  • Dollar-cost averaging (DCA).

The TradingView add-on allows for fully custom strategies. Gunbot executes the alerts you set in your own strategy.

Setting up Gunbot is really easy and just takes a few minutes. Anyone can do it.

  • Unzip and start Gunbot Access the bot easily from your browser. You don’t need any programming experience to use Gunbot.
  • Connect to your exchange Enter your API key and secret in Gunbot. Creating an API key takes just a few clicks at your exchange.
  • Select trading pairs Select one or more coins to trade (like BTC-LTC), pick a strategy preset and you’re ready to go!

A group of professional, full-time developers is constantly listening to community reports to create the perfect money machine.

Professional Development and Beta Testers Team

  • A group of professional, full-time developers is constantly listening to community reports to create the perfect money machine.
  • The development works together with over 300 beta testers.
  • All Gunbot Products are constantly and evergrowing.
  • New Features are added constantly.
  • Github-based Ask Me Anything (AMA) featured is integrated with the user’s Telegram Channels

Beginning trader? No problem! Gunbot is built for newcomers as well as power users. We’ll help you get started.

Check Out These Awesome Gunbot Reviews by Our Beloved Community Members!

Advanced Trading Strategies

Gunbot comes with many different trading strategies. Our strategies consists of a few fully configurable elements:
  • A buy method
    e.g. buy when the price is 2% below the moving average
  • A selling method
    e.g. sell for at least 5% profit and an uptrend ends
  • Optional: confirming indicators
    e.g. only buy when RSI is 30 or lower
  • Optional: trailing
    e.g. set a trailing stop to get an even better buy price
  • Optional: bag handling
    e.g. average down an asset after a price drop

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Gunbot is Extremely Configurable

Over 150 different strategy settings make it possible to make it trade exactly like you want. Below you'll find a summary of the most important features.
Exchanges and Pairs
System Requirements

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