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Author Topic: Feature request : gunbot to switch to different configs on given market conditio  (Read 289 times)

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What if gunbot switch automagically to different configuration set under certain market conditions (i.e. BTC price dropped with x% for the last x minutes)

Current situation:
As we all know, gunbot should not be stopped in moments of P&D or specific BTC corrections.  There is also a request to add a 'pause' feature so that the gunbot kepp tracking the price, but just not to buy in case of big falls.

Well, I think that there is a better solution:
what if we have two folders with config files - one folder with config files for trading on a 'normal' day and another folder containing config files for special  'stormy' market conditions.  And in a given 'panic configuration' (like sell volume, price drop of x% for the past x% cycles) the both simply loads the second folder. Now what we put there is up to us - different strategy, different MAX_NUMBER_OF_TRADES, etc.

Additional :
I am doing this manually right now - I have prepared 3 folders with 3 different strategies (sunny, typical,storm). And when I see BTC fall I run the script to copy the config files, even including ALLPAIRS (heck, I also change the candelstick period in such cases) in the gunbot folder and hotconfig kicks in with no problems.
So consider it something like "poor man's CryptoWally solution" - one strategy for normal trading and another strategy for huge pumps, but without the need of additional account and capital.

I'll be glad to hear your opinion on this


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This would save me a lot of time, I'm basically doing this manually right now. Awesome idea!

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I think is a great idea!
Gunthar answer about this please...

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very nice idea !

maybe gunbot can use macd as a signal for switching the configfile.......

or i write this in another topic:

"and they is another think.........

if iam right, than if the upper bb closer to the ema, than its an uptrend......
in an strong uptrend, often the price only falls to the middleline and then go up again......
i think, if you use sell bb 25% and buy bb 25% then gunbot will miss much trades ?
in this case its better to work with (step-)gain for buying........"

or if gunbut get an "trailing buy/sell" feature, than we maybe dont need different config files (;

"if it possible, to analyse how fast the price grow or fall, maybe it is possible, that gunbot can autochange the value.......
for example a smaller/tighter value, for an price, that grows fast (pumps) / that falls fast....
and an wider value, for an price, that grows "normal" with some little falls on the way up........"

that where a dream (:

only 40-50% bb for each pair and gunbot autodetect the kind of the trend an auto sets the trailing buy/sell-value......
and if gunbot auto-handle can bags, too
than we only need to sit back and "print money/bitcoins " (:
If you like my ideas or programs, than iam happy about a small donation (:

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