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Author Topic: [ANN] [ICO] [ENKO] EnKo project: Autonomy, safety and rentability in sxx market  (Read 290 times)

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EnKo coin annoucement.

Did you know how much a sxx-worker earn? $1500 USD per week.
And we are going to earn 1% of that and share with you.
We know how to make a client pay 50% less, and the sxx-worker earn 150% more.
Just like uber changed the taxi market, and silk road changed the drug market we are going to change the game in the sxx market.

A middle-man in this business keeps 50-60%. That's a  lot.
The difference between us and similar projects is we are not going to provide just the platform -we are going to provide information support for both sides..

They will have more information on how to be safe and receive the quality service they deserve.

That is the only way to build trust between us and our clients.
It will take some time, but we think it's definitely worth it.

And yes, we have the experience in selling that thing OFFLINE.
Since next week we will post every day our sellers' faces.
Wanna check us ? Just drop me a line.

ICO September  01, 2017.

You will find all details and calculations in our White Paper:


Folow us:
Telegram for FAST DM:

The coin will be issued in the Waves and Ethereum interfaces.

Partners are welcome.

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